Supply of Spares

BVL is fully geared up to supply spare parts for BHEL make as well as Non BHEL Sets by undertaking Reverse Engineering where ever required. The company is fully supported by adequate manufacturing and service facilities to undertake Manufacturing, Assembly and Testing of various Spares including fully Assembled and Tested Servomotors for Turbine Governing System.

Specialised in Supply of

Journal Bearings and Thrust Pads
Steam Glands & Oil Glands
Spares for Governing System like Servomotors, Spindles, Cones, Bushes for Control Valves etc.
Seal fins and Caulking Wires
Turbine Nozzles, Moving Blades and Guide Blades
Spares for Guide Blade Carriers like Eccentric Guide Assembly, Spherical Washers, Threaded Cups etc.
Casing Parting Plane Studs & Nuts
Steam Strainers
Insulating Washers


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